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Donation of Dog Food to Ukraine

The Carolina Kennel Club has made a donation of $2500, with another installment of $2500 to be sent in July 2022, to the Chicopee Pet Food Company to help feed the dogs that were left behind after the devastating Russian attacks on Ukraine.

There are dedicated Ukrainian citizens putting their own safety at risk by going to the warehouses to pick up dog food and distributing it to dogs that were left behind during their owner’s hasty evacuation or to the breeders with a large number of dogs that would not leave them behind.

This picture is of Kateryna Pereguda, an FCI Judge, founder of the Kateryna Pereguda Charity Foundation”, Nina Reinhard Miksch and Michaela HJ from “We Drive for Pets and Humans” and Irina Lapatina, a volunteer, distributing dog food.

The following are pictures of a few recipients of the dog food.

CKC Donation NC Pet Partners.jpg

North Carolina Pet Partners

Contact: Beth Kuoni, President

Guilford County Pet Responsibility Program

Contact: Ruby Wescoat

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